Lady with a Lamp🤔

Florence Nightingale was born in a very rich British family in Florence, Italy on 12 May 1820 and named after her birth place Florence.
His father William Nightingale was a wealthy man. She was brought up in Derbyshire as well as in Hampshire UK
During her days very few girls used to go to schools for education.She was very lucky as her father was in favour of girls education. He had two daughters.Both his daughters got education of different subjects as of Science, Maths History and Philosophy.

From her teen age Florence had an interest in helping others. Whenever she had a chance, she was always ready to serve her sick servants and pets.She was a very kind girl and believed as she was sent by the God to the mission of serving the sick and sad .She had a keen desire to be a nurse .
She told her desire to her parents but her parents did not agree because according to them this job was of low level and was not suitable to their daughter as Florence Nightingale was already in a rich family and as well as educated girl.
Later her father realized the keen interest of her daughter and he gave his permission .
It was in 1851 when Florence Nightingale went to Germany for the training of nurse.
In 1854 the Crimean War broke up.This war was a military conflict in which Russia lost to an alliance made up of Ottoman empire
U.K and France. Many soldiers were killed and thousands of soldiers were wounded
Florence Nightingale was ordered officially to go to Turkey to manage the nursing of British soldiers, wounded in the Crimean War. She saw the condition of hospital was very poor where the wounded soldiers of the Crimean War were taken.Many of the wounded soldiers were not given even the first aid and they were not having even the blankets.They were kept overcrowded in each room and those rooms were very dirty even the proper food supply was not to there. In these dirty conditions the diseases such as cholera and dysentery was spreading quickly. As a result,their death rate was very high and most of the soldiers were dying from infections and very little number of their death was due to their wound.
Florence Nightingale decided to change that condition.With the help of other nurses. She arranged a kitchen for their food and cooked for them and made new arrangement of sanitation by digging the land. She also called the wives or family members of wounded soldiers to help them so that they may be able to get their extra op patients loved her and started to call her, “Lady with a lamp”.
Thus she became famous by this name, “A lady with a lamp”.
Though this lady with a lamp, physically died in 13th of August 1910 in Mayfair London U.K. but she will always be alive as an inspirational nurse and will always be remembered as a social reformer..✍️

Published by (Mrs.)Tara Pant

बहुत भाग्यशाली थी जिस स्नेहिल परिवार में मेरा जन्म हुआ। education _B.Sc. M.A.M.ed.

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