‘किराए का घर’The Shelter in rent’.🏘️

घर था किराए का
कहां था ठिकाना ।
एक न एक दिन
था हमको भी जाना।
वो मकाँ ऊपरवाले का
बड़ा है विशाल।
देखी न हमने वैसी मिसाल।
जिस ठिकाने से कभी
कोई वापस न आए ।
जो जाएं वहाँ ,
वहीं का हो जाए।
सभी धर्मों के लोग
जाते वहां हैं।
बैर छोड़े यहां ,
संग रहते वहाँ हैं।
न रहे अपनी काया
मगर उसकी छाया।
उसका मकाँ सबको
है कितना भाया।
थोड़े समय का था ;
संग जो तुम्हारा
बस वही तो रहा संग,
उपहार तुम्हारा।✍️

  • “The shelter in rent “

    The house was in rent
    we lived.
    One or the other day
    we had to leave.
    GOD in heaven ,
    has so huge temple
    haven’t we seen such an example.
    From where ever
    no one comes back.
    who go there takes
    complete rest.
    people of all world
    go there.
    and leave their hate all here,
    when they realize
    same the parent God is there.
    So the souls live united there.
    Under His kind grace shadow,
    the heaven looks like a green meadow.
    How much we loved,
    during rent house time,
    will be always with me
    as a rhyme.✍️

Published by (Mrs.)Tara Pant

बहुत भाग्यशाली थी जिस स्नेहिल परिवार में मेरा जन्म हुआ। education _B.Sc. M.A.M.ed.

6 thoughts on “‘किराए का घर’The Shelter in rent’.🏘️

  1. Thank you very much for visiting my blog again lately and leaving some friendly comments, Tara. I appreciate them greatly.
    This poem is beautiful, I am glad you translated it into English, so I could understand it well.
    God will never leave us in misfortune. He will truly give us all a home.

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